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Below is a full description of everything you can do on the SWIMMER ENTRY screen. Steps to access:
  1. Tap > Events > Events & Meet Entries to begin.
  2. Tap ENTRIES by the desired meet.
  3. Tap an athlete’s name to view and approve the events they can enter.
    Swimmer Entry
    1. After making any changes, tap SAVE or Cancel.
    2. An indication of event entry limits. All three show how close an athlete is to filling those limits. Each session will also have bars.
      • First bar is for individual events.
      • Second bar is for relays, to be enabled in a future release.
      • Third bar shows total number of events.
    3. SWIM-UPS display higher age group events they can enter (event #6 indicates a swim-up event with the red up arrow).
    4. Note from parent/non-admin who committed their swimmer.
    5. EVENT ORDER shows events in numerical order. Tap to toggle to REQUESTED which will list events at the top selected by the member's parent account.
      lets you toggle which columns of data you see.
    6. There are several things to note on this event.
      • Events with blue text are those selected by parent. Green text indicates a coach approved event. Black text is for events that no one has selected.
      • Red up arrow indicates a swim-up event (see item "c" above).
      • A red NT or red entry time indicates the athlete is not qualified to enter this event. Coaches may override this.
      • Tap the grey dash to approve (green checkmark), again to unapprove (red crossed out circle), or again to clear (grey dash).
      • On a phone, tap the 3 gray dots or swipe an event to the left to reveal buttons to designate event as Bonus, Exhibition, and see Qualifying times.
        Swipe entry left for options
    7. Tap an entry time to change it. Entry will be designated with an H for hand-entered time.
    8. Select one or more events for options at the bottom.
      • (Multi-) Edit — Mark event(s) as Bonus and/or Exhibition.
      • Time Adj/Adjust — Adjust the entry time(s) by one second intervals up or down. Entry will be designated with an H for hand-entered time (item "g" above). Tap Reset (Entry Times) to revert to the original seed time.
      • Approve — Places a green checkmark by event indicating coach approved.
      • Unapprove — Places a red crossed out circle by event indicating coach does NOT approve.
      • Message — Send an email or SMS text to athlete.

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