OnDeck is a multi-user system, just like SwimOffice. Therefore coaches, admins and parents can all access your team's data simultaneously.

When updating data in OnDeck, it is important to remember that “last in, wins.” If two people are updating the same athlete's profile, for instance, the second person to save will overwrite what the first person saved. Therefore it is important that you clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each OnDeck user (i.e., assign attendance taking for specific groups to specific coaches) to prevent conflicts, inaccuracy and apparent instability when saving.

One way to ensure you have the most current data on some screens is to pull down on a list, that is, drag down your finger on the screen until you see the refresh text, then let go and wait for it to refresh.

Refresh Accounts list

The below screens are refreshable.

  • Accounts
  • Members
  • Billing
  • Attendance - Take Attendance, History
  • Job Manager - Events
    • Jobs Listing - Job, Start Time
      • Job Details
  • Job Manager - People
  • News - Current, Archived
  • Events & Meet Entries - Current, Past
    • Manage Entries - Swimmers
    • Manage Entries - Events - Event Details

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