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We generate each QuickBooks IIF file on the 1st of every month. It is a simple text file and you can view what's in it as follows:

  1. Click Billing Admin > QuickBooks Import.
  2. Click the desired .iif file.
  3. Open a new tab in your browser (usually Ctrl+T in Windows, Command+T on a Mac).
  4. Open the IIF file in your browser (usually Ctrl+O in Windows, Command+O on a Mac, then locate the file you downloaded and double click it).
  5. If your browser won't open it but tries to open it in QuickBooks instead, try these alternatives to view IIF files.

The example above is a December 2014 IIF file. The top part of the file contains the payments made last month (grouped by payment type), and the bottom part contains non-recurring fees generated last month and recurring fees generated this month (grouped by Chart of Accounts). They are all totals, not individual transactions.

If you wish to see the individual transactions of which the totals are comprised, you can run the Payment Summary report and Invoice Report to do so. See view what goes into a QuickBooks IIF file from SwimOffice.

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