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Unfortunately at this time there is not a wait list function for non-lessons registration. However, there is a workaround you can use as an alternative.

To create a wait list add an additional registration group called "Wait list" that has no limit and no fees associated with registering. If you have multiple registration groups that have limits, you will need to have the same amount of 'Wait List groups'--one for each regular group. So if you have a group called "Silver" you would create a group called "Silver wait list."

Doing this will allow the potential accounts to enter all of their information in the system, which means if they do join there will be less work for admins later.

People do not automatically get assigned to a wait list. The wait list groups will appear alongside all the regular groups as additional choices. If a regular group is full, a user can choose the corresponding wait list group instead. If a slot opens up you will then move them to the regular group. See the change the Registration Group or Location of existing registration article.

We recommend charging at least a minimal fee for the wait list groups, because if a slot opens in a regular group and you transfer them, you can charge their credit card the difference between the regular price and wait list price. If you set the fee to $0 you won't be able to add the additional charge because they won't have entered their credit number when they registered for the wait list. See the add an additional charge to an existing registration article.

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