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When you want to sell tickets to a team event such as a banquet, event registration is a great way to do this. Please see the create event registration article or watch the Event Registration video tutorial to if you are unfamiliar with this process. The purpose of this FAQ you're currently reading is to go over specifics related to selling tickets.

There are two approaches. One is to create registration groups for each type of ticket you want to sell to athletes, and then add an "optional with qty" per family charge for additional tickets. The second is to create a generic "Tickets" registration group with no cost and add the same "optional with qty" per family charge for all family tickets. If you want to go the latter route, skip the first set of steps.

Suppose you wanted to sell two types of tickets at different prices.

  1. When editing the registration, you will create two registration groups in the first Fees Setup page, such as "Ticket - 12 and under" and "Ticket - 13 and over".
  2. On the second Fees Setup page, enter the appropriate chart of account and price for each ticket.

Next you will add the ability for additional family members to buy tickets who aren't part of the team. Again we'll assume you want to offer two types of tickets.

  1. On the second Fees Setup page, click Add More Per Family Charge.
  2. For Charge Name enter something like # of additional tickets for 12 and under.
  3. For Required? select No-Optional with Qty field.
  4. Select your Chart of Account, enter the individual ticket price and click OK.
  5. Repeat the steps for the second ticket type.
  6. Click Save Changes when finished.

If you have families buying tickets who aren't part of the team and they won't be joining, they still have to "register" at least one athlete in order to buy tickets. They can simply enter bogus athlete info to get through the process. It's up to you if you want to let them know that on your registration title page.

The final key to make this all work is in manage registration, you will never approve and assign the athletes to roster and billing groups since the sole purpose was to gather info and payments. If you accept checks of course you will mark them paid, but otherwise you will leave all athletes as "Pending Team Approval."

Note that if parents register who are not part of the team it will create an account for them with their status set to "Waiting for Approval." You will not be able to delete them because by them paying it created a financial transaction and you cannot delete accounts that have financial transactions attached. So once the event is over you may want to set the status of those accounts to Canceled/Hidden.

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