Registration System Duplicate Account Checking ensures that accounts can't accidentally create a new account on TeamUnify during the online registration process.

When an account uses the registration system and enters in an unknown email, the TeamUnify platform will prompt for a new account creation. Once the account tries to create this new account the system will do the following:

  1. References if the email already exists
  2. References Last Name with Numeric Street Address
  3. References Phone Number

If matches exist the system will give the user the following dialogue box shown below where they have the choice of three options:

  1. Send Login - Their login password will be sent to the referenced email shown
  2. Contact Us - this will contact the admins that are denoted in the Contact Us Recipients tab.
    • Chameleon users: Team Admin > Team Profile > Contact Us Recipients
    • New CMS users: Team Tools > Contact Us Recipients
  3. Proceed Anyway - this selection will continue to create a new account.

Even with all of our error checking, it's possible that the warnings will be ignored and a new account is created. See first article below if this is the case.

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