Admin Level - Superuser

Occasionally you have to add an additional charge in the registration module. To do this,

  1. Go to Registration Admin.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Registration Admin.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Team Tools > Registration Admin.
  2. Click the Manage button to the right of the registration name to implement a charge.
  3. Search for the last name of the account.
  4. Click the red Add Charge link located in the payment box under "Balance."
    Add Charge link in registration

  5. Enter an Invoice Item Description. Remember this will be seen by the Account on their invoice, so make the description meaningful.
    Add Charge fields in registration
  6. Click the blue Select link to the right of the Chart of Account field.
  7. Click the Select link to the right of the desired Chart of Account.
  8. Enter the Amount to Charge.
  9. Click Save New Invoice Item.
  10. This amount will now be added to the amount under Balance and the amounts will be adjusted to reflect your update.

If the person originally paid with credit card it will immediately charge their card, but if they paid by check you will have to manually click Pay when they send a check for the additional amount.

Note: If you move a member from the Not Registered tab to Registered, you will not be able to manually add a charge.

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