Once I have approved members and assigned them to the correct roster/billing groups, is there any reason why I would not want to select them all and click “Remove” so I can keep my list a little more manageable?

You do NOT want to do that for several reasons.

  • If someone requests a refund to their credit card, you will remove the ability to refund it through our system; you would have to do it in C & H Financial Services (formally Process Pink) and manually record the refund in SwimOffice.
  • Removing them puts them back in the “Not Registered” tab. If for some reason someone tries to register again (which does happen), the system will let them do it if you remove them, thus creating a double registration.
  • You will also remove all financial and registration records for current and historical purposes in registration. This includes their electronic signatures to all your waivers. If your were ever taken to court, you would have no record of them agreeing to your waivers and agreements. It’s just a bad idea on all fronts.

What you can do to make the list more manageable is use the “Approval Status” and “Payment Status” filters to cut down on the number of people you see. Make sure to click “Search” if you change them.

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