When you approve an athlete in the manage registration section you will get an option to send the login and password – Yes/No.

When a parent registers who is not in the system, they will set their email address used for login when they select “I am not sure if I have an Account on this team. This is the email address I want to use:” and will set their password on the next screen. When they successfully complete registration it will create their account in Account/Member Admin with a status of “Waiting for Approval” but it will not create the member profiles. This is true regardless if they pay by check or credit card. So at that point they could not login unless you set their status to “Active” in Account/Member Admin. If you want them to signup for jobs or something prior to approving their registration you will need to do this.

Two options when you assign and approve their athlete(s) are “Member Status” and “Send Username/Password Login Instruction Emails After Approval.” If you set the Member Status to Active it will set both the parent’s account and athlete member profiles to active. If you set “Send Username/Password” to YES it will send an email with login instructions and a link to set their password. Once you click Save Changes & Approve it will create the member profile(s) and set the various options you selected.