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When your team has double bucket billing active and someone pays by check in registration, you may need to enter their check payment differently. This will be the case when you have chart of accounts (CoAs) connected to both banks in the registration setup, or they connected an outstanding balance that is connected to both banks.

When you are in manage registration and click the red Pay link to enter a check payment, you may see account balances for both the default and secondary banks.

  1. Select the Bank account to be used to record the payment (it will default to Secondary Bank).
  2. Select the Payment Type.
  3. Enter the Check # or Reference.
  4. The Amount will default to the entire registration amount ($181.00 in the below screenshot). Make sure to change this to the account balance of the selected bank ($124.00 in this example).
    Pay Registration Fee
  5. Optionally enter a Message or Memo.
  6. Click Pay NOW and then click OK to confirm.
  7. Go back to the manage registration page. You will see a partial payment for that registration.
  8. Click the red Pay link for the same registration again.
  9. Repeat steps 1-6, this time selecting the other bank and entering the account balance for that bank.

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