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We have occasionally seen teams have the same online registration running for years, generally to avoid the work required to start a new one each year. Some figure they can just delete all the registrations from the previous year to keep the same one going. Here are some reasons why you do NOT want to do this.

  • If you re-open the same registration and have existing members try to register again, they won't be able to because they can only register once in any given registration. Even worse, they may simply create a new account to get around this and create duplicate members in your system.
  • If you delete all the individual registrations from last season, you lose several things: the ability to refund any of those registrations, all the financial history, and all the waiver information that people agreed to, which is critical should you ever get into a legal dispute with anyone who registered.
  • The current registration eventually acquires hundreds or even thousands of accounts and members, becoming unmanageable.

Fortunately, SwimOffice has a wonderful tool to make starting a new registration each year really easy: cloning. You simply edit last year's registration, update the data, click Save Changes to a New Registration (Clone) in the lower left, and set the new one as current. See the first article below for exact steps. This ensures you retain all information from previous registrations, and prevents the current registration from getting unwieldy with too many members from several years.

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