TeamUnify (TU) and C & H Financial Services are two separate companies with separate computers, programs, and processes so at times there will naturally be discrepancies in the daily totals reported by each. Credit card transactions take 24-48 hours (business days only) to process, and ACH transactions take 5-7 business days. We do not initiate auto pay transactions on the 1st if it falls on a Sunday because that coincides with routine maintenance for C & H. All other transactions can be initiated on any day at any time, but as mentioned before posting takes the above time frame.

If you have the Lessons module, the finances in that module are not tracked in Billing Admin. You will need to check the CoA and Inc Trans Rpt tabs there.

Refunds in both Billing Admin and Lessons will also affect totals reported in SwimOffice.

***If you post a check on 12/31 into TeamUnify remember it won't show on your bank deposit until the following month (when you deposit it). This also refers to using the OnDemand CC payment feature. TeamUnify suggests posting and depositing within the same month to alleviate reconciliation frustrations. The closer you do this to the end of the month on SwimOffice the greater the chance it will not be on the same months bank statement.

Having said all that, the C & H gateway generally processes transactions from the past 24 hours at 12:00 AM, so SwimOffice transactions that happen on 7/26, for example, batch out in C & H at midnight on 7/27. So below is a way to compare daily totals from each to get reasonably close.
  1. In SwimOffice go to Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments
  2. Go to the CoA Sum tab for payment totals only or the Payment Sum tab for specifics on payments
  3. Set the Beginning Date and Ending Date to a same day, such as 7/26 and 7/26 and click Generate Summary Report
  4. In the C & H gateway go to reports and run the transaction summary reports to get a listing of the batches per day
  5. A daily batch in C & H, such as 7/27, one day after the batch in SwimOffice, such as 7/26, will often match

Remember that ACH transactions can take 5-7 business days to process.

When both CC and ACH transactions finish going through, SwimOffice will list the original date the charge was started (usually the 1st) and NOT the date when it finished processing.

What you may find more helpful is to specify a date range, such as 15 or 30 days, and compare totals that way.

Note that C & H directly charges your team CC and ACH processing fees, not TeamUnify.

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