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Note: These are instructions for an old version. See Cancel/undo/reverse meet fees instead if you are using the current version.

If you need to delete meet fees that are incorrect for all the accounts, the cleanest way, of course, is to go into each account and delete the fees. But this is impossible if the fees were added last month, and impractical if fees were generated for a large number of athletes. So what you can do is generate the same fees again, but for a negative amount—the opposite of the fees billed—so that it cancels the amounts billed.

Here are the specific steps.

  1. If you need to, generate the meet fees file again unless you are billing from the meet results.
  2. Go to Billing Admin > Invoices and Payments.
  3. Click the Import Meet Entry Fees button.
  4. Under Step 3 select option 1 if you billed from the meet results previously and pick the meet from the drop down, or option 2 if you generated the meet fees file from the event and browse for the Excel file.
  5. Under Step 4 enter the meet name (include a note like "reverse fee") and select the Chart of Account. Ensure it's the same CoA that was originally billed.  
  6. For the meet entry fees calculation we recommend you select Option 2 and enter the negative amount of what you originally billed, such as -4 if you originally charged $4.00.
  7. For the Surcharge do the same—enter the negative amount of what you originally billed.
  8. Click the Import Now! button.
  9. On the "Confirm Import Results" screen, please review carefully; if the information appears to be correct click the Ignore Errors & Create Invoice Items Now! button and the negative charges will be applied to the accounts.

Note: If you invoiced the fees and people already paid for them, they can either let the credit be applied to next month's invoice, or you can refund the fees in individual accounts.

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