If you have set your jobs and date for signup and they aren’t showing up for signup please go to the Setup Event Jobs tab and check the following:

  1. Have you set allow signup for all of the jobs in question?
    1. Put a check mark to the left of each job (or click the check box next to “Job Name” at the top to select them all)
    2. Click the Allow Signup button
  2. Are there Time Periods Setup? If this column is blank you must add time periods for each job or it won’t become active. To do this:
    1. Click a job name
    2. Under Time Periods Setup click Add New
    3. Fill in the appropriate information
    4. Click Save Changes
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve added all time slots
    6. Click Save Event Job Changes
    7. Repeat the above steps for all remaining jobs