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To make an on demand payment you have three options for single or multiple account selection. Charge can be Credit Card, Cash or Other. You have three options when charging their card.

  1. Pay Outstanding Balance
  2. Pay User Defined Amount
  3. Pay User Defined Amount AND create corresponding invoice

Critical Information about this functionality

  • Credit Card will be charged immediately (funds will be deposited with 24-48 business hours depending on factors such as holidays, weekends, etc).
  • ACH is not available for on demand as ACH is not an on demand function. It takes 5-7 days to clear an account and it may not clear.
  • If CC fails and you use option #3, an invoice will still be created.
  • Account will IMMEDIATELY receive an email notifying them of charge or CC failure if applicable.
  • Super User Admin ONLY can issue this on demand charge.

How to create an on demand payment/charge

  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments.
  2. User your filters and Search to view accounts.
  3. Place a check mark to the left of one or many accounts (they must have a CC on file to use CC charge now feature)
  4. Click New Charge.
  5. Select Payment Type of Credit Card.

    Post Payment fields

  6. Leave Process Card on File for this Amount checked.
  7. Check the Outstanding Balance check box if applicable.
  8. Enter in the New Amount Received.
  9. Optional: Enter a Message or Memo.
  10. Check Also create corresponding invoice items for this amount if applicable. Use this if an invoice for the charge has not been created yet.
  11. Click Save New Payment.

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