I want to change my team alias to something else. Is this possible?

Your team alias is your team’s unique identifier and is used extensively throughout the TeamUnify system for your team’s information and website. TeamUnify’s policy is to not change a team’s alias once we have created it, even if a team changes their name. It is the database identifier of your team’s information and in order to preserve all team data and website an alias must remain the same. It does not affect meet entries nor results; your team code is used for those and is changeable within your Team Profile. (Note: Please notify TeamUnify Support if you want to change your team code so we can update your results).

We understand that your team’s image matters and we want you to be happy with your TeamUnify experience. The only reason people might need your alias is to access your team’s SwimOffice website via www.teamunify.com/teamalias. A great workaround is to purchase a team branded URL, such as www.bigswimteam.com, for people to use instead. This not only eliminates the need for anyone to know your team’s alias, it’s much easier to remember and type. Please contact TU Support or your deployment representative for more information.

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