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SwimOffice Pro customers have a fantastic built-in tool available called TeamFeed that not only has a feed similar to Facebook, but also lets you post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all at once! Click the banner below to learn more, and then read how to set up TeamFeed.

TeamFeed Social Sharing Tools

If you still want to add the timeline (AKA news feed or posts) from your Team’s Facebook page to your SwimOffice website, follow these steps.

  1. First, your Facebook page must be setup as a celebrity, band, or business page. It cannot be a personal page. You can setup a Facebook page if you don't have one.
  2. Go to this Facebook page to generate the code needed for your timeline.
  3. Enter your team’s Facebook Page URL in that field (replace the default value pictured below).
    Facebook Page Plugin generator
  4. Optional: Set the Width and Height (default is 340 x 500 pixels); make sure to make it no wider than 712.
  5. Set any other desired parameters.
  6. Click Get Code.
  7. Click IFrame tab at top.

    Facebook plugin code

  8. Select the code and copy it (Ctrl+C in Windows, Command+C on Mac).
  9. Go to the page on your SwimOffice website where you want the feed to appear and paste the code.
  10. If you want it on your home page,
    1. Go to Team Admin > Website Design > Website Layout Configuration.
    2. Scroll down to Command Button Controls and click Main Text.
    3. Put cursor where you want the feed and paste code (Ctrl+V in Windows, Command+V on Mac).
    4. Click Save Changes.
  11. If you want it on some other page,
    1. Navigate to the page.
    2. Click Edit link.
    3. Click Source button.
    4. Put cursor where you want the feed and paste code (Ctrl+V in Windows, Command+V on Mac).
    5. Click Save Changes.
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