Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar

We strongly encourage every admin who will be making posts to add a photo of themselves to their account profile, as it will show beside each post they make. The easiest way is to add your photo in OnDeck since you can use your mobile device's camera to take a selfie. Here is how to do it in SwimOffice.

  1. Navigate to your account profile.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click My Account > My Account.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click My Account > Account Info.
  2. Either drag and drop a photo onto the profile, or click Upload Image, select an image, and click Open. We recommend sizing the photo to 120x120 pixels. See coach photo size guidelines for more info.
    My Account profile
  3. Click Save.
  4. TeamFeed posts will now include your photo so that people know who posted them.

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